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Shoe Leather, Stakeouts, and Luck: Mystery Writing Without the High-Tech Razzle Dazzle 

by Edward Morris

Allen Barlowe deserves a forest of upturned thumbs for daring to set his Murder Au Naturel (Llumina Press, 978-1-60594-507-1) in an upscale Florida nudist colony. After all, how much can one conceal while walking around naked? Former New York advertising executive Lee Spinacci and his wife Barbara have settled in as year-round residents at the cleverly named Xanadunes resort. Late one evening, Spinacci goes for a dip in the communal hot tub and discovers a corpse in the water. It’s not clear at first if the death is an accidental drowning or a murder. Whatever it is, Spinacci is quickly involved, chiefly through his being grilled by a dyspeptic local cop who’s pretty certain that everyone who dwells in this sybaritic outpost must be guilty of something. Complicating matters is Spinacci’s growing obsession—partly avuncular, substantially carnal—with his beautiful young neighbor, Ramona. What’s bothering her? Has she been participating in the orgies rumored to be taking place on the premises? Do they pose a danger to her? Spinacci embarks on his own investigation—and at considerable personal peril. Barlowe is detailed in his descriptions of the nudists and their sexual proclivities without crossing the line into pornography. But he comes delightfully close at times.

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Pasco Naturally -- "Serving the Largest Nudist Community in North America"

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"Mr. Barlowe is one of us.  He is a nudist with connections to New York and New Jersey's Sandy Hook . . ."  Murder Au Naturel "make[s] for an exciting reading as you lounge by the pool on a beautiful summer day . . ."  It "is a fast and easy reading with a surprise ending . . ."

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