Murder Au Naturel by Allen Barlowe has just been published.

Even without their clothes on, nudists have secrets.

Meet Lee Spinacci.  He and his wife Barbara have just retired to Xanadunes, an upscale nudist resort in central Florida. Now, they're making some surprising discoveries -- about their new home, their new friends, and most of all, about themselves.  What's more, someone's apparently been throwing some very wild parties lately, which doesn't make Barbara all that comfortable, although it certainly whets Lee's curiosity.  Then, late one Saturday night, Lee bumps into a dead body in the hot tub when he happens to stop by for a few brief minutes of relaxation.   

This launches Lee on a new adventure, as he tries to find out what's really going on around him.  And it brings together a cast of characters that includes a grumpy old state trooper, a gorgeous and rather unpredictable young female neighbor, assorted nudists, naturists, swingers and kinky individuals -- and a few murderers thrown in -- who all find common ground in their unconventional environment.

Murder Au Naturel takes you into a sexy, deadly and sometimes humorous corner of today's nudist universe.  It's a world where it's perfectly innocent to stop in at your neighbor's without a stitch of clothing on, and yet -- clothed or naked -- isn't there always a sexual undercurrent in everything we do?  

Murder Au Naturel marks a new addition to the mystery novel and to nudist literature.   Click here to read an excerpt.  [Please note: Murder Au Naturel contains adult themes]

The novel is available in trade paperback or as an e-book, directly from the publisher, 
Llumina Press [click on name to order], and from, Barnes and Noble, Jexbo and other distributors. 

Murder Au Naturel, 240 pages.  Trade Paperback $13.95, plus shipping.  E-book $6.95.